The world's first bed with its own climate control

How Does It Work?

FreshBed is a revolutionary sleep system that provides an ideal and controlled sleep environment, night after night. Every FreshBed is equipped with a personalized thermo-regulated microclimate that can be controlled via an app. FreshBed is a combination of individual temperature settings, active and silent airflow technology, and air purification via medical-grade HEPA 13 filters combined with a handmade Swiss-engineered FreshBed mattress. There is no other bed in the world that controls and personalizes the quality of your sleep environment to such an extent. Users experience FreshBed as a night-changing experience, where they fall asleep quicker, sleep longer and deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed and energetic in the morning.  This is especially true for people that are highly susceptible to respiratory irritations.

How Does a FreshBed Work?

FreshBed creates ideal conditions in and around the bed, so that you can fall asleep quicker and deeper without interruptions. This is done via means of temperature and humidity regulation, and improved air quality.

Steady Temperature

Temperature, humidity and airflow can be set with an easy-to-use remote control attached to each individual bed. This can also be done remotely, with a smartphone, via the FreshBed app. If you have trouble falling asleep, choose the falling asleep mode.

Get to know a bonus feature: freshly washed sheets can be dried directly on your FreshBed, wrinkle-free!

Active Airflow and 99.95% Air Purification

FreshBed uses a ventilator integrated in the foot end to draw air in from the underside of the bed system and push it through a medical-grade HEPA-13 filter. The air is then purified (by more than 99.95%) removing pollen, fine particles, fungi, viruses, bacteria and allergens from the air. The sustainable FreshBed ventilator does its job silently and energy efficiently. The FreshBed original bed base is also designed for noise reduction, and to make it easy to clean.

Improve Deep Sleep by Up To 50%

Filtered air is brought to the set ideal temperature and humidity levels, with the help of special sensors. Note that the ideal temperature for the body, under the sheets, is usually below 85° Fahrenheit (F) and in traditional beds above 85°F.  A steady and ideal temperature determines the quality of your sleep. As a result, during the stages of REM, deep sleep can improve by up to 50%.

Prevent Dust Mites

The purified and air-conditioned air is evenly distributed under pressure over the entirety of the FreshBed mattress. Due to the engineering of the mattress, the air moves to the surface, creating the ideal sleep climate: with the perfect temperature and active airflow, thus preventing  perspiration  via means of air purification. The airflow keeps the mattress clean and dry and eliminates the chances of housing dust mites, which 80% of allergy sufferers struggle with. Most individuals experience a revolutionary difference after just one night. FreshBed’s technology also ensures fresh and clean feeling sheets night after night.

Unique FreshBed Mattress

The innovative Swiss-engineered FreshBed mattresses is no ordinary mattress. It has multiple premium comfort layers,  improved ergonomic support and optimal climate regulation. And thanks to its exceptional elasticity and precise adaptation, the inner layers of the FreshBed airflow™ premium mattress have been developed with an open mesh structure for better support and enhanced ventilation and motion isolation, 7-zone pocket spring technology that support the body’s natural sleeping positions. FreshBed ensures complete relaxation of muscles and joints. FreshBed represents sleep improvement, by controlling your immediate sleep environment. Because a deeper and longer night’s sleep makes you a happier, healthier and more energetic person!