A partnership with FreshBed will change the view of your customers forever. Forget the minibar, sleek lobby, and mints on the pillow. If hotels really want to build loyalty and delight their customers with stand-out lodging experiences, they need to focus on the bed. According to J.D. Power, quality of sleep is one of the most important components of a hotel guest experience with the potential to drive overall satisfaction and brand loyalty, but the majority of hotels are not delivering better-than-expected sleeping conditions.

Overall satisfaction scores increase significantly when hotel guests experience a better-than-expected quality of sleep. However, just 29% of hotel guests had such an experience. Of those guests who do experience better-than-expected quality of sleep, 78% say they “definitely will” return to that property and 71% say they “definitely will” return to that brand.
Source: J.D. Power 2019


FreshBed is a science-based sleep system that treats every unique guest to a comfortable microclimate full of freshness, an ideal temperature, and unrivalled hygiene for better, longer, deeper, and healthier sleep. Your guests will enjoy the ultimate luxury of a deep, restful sleep and will wake up completely refreshed in the morning, ready for a new day.

A well-rested, delighted customer who has enjoyed the luxury of a great night’s sleep will be the best ambassador you could wish for. FreshBed helps you break new ground.

Use FreshBed to complete your hotel’s wellness program, and create a 24/7 wellness experience that will pamper your guests at night.

FreshBed is always looking for hotels and distributors to provide the ultimate sleep experience to as much people as possible. Discover the possibility to combine forces and to enter a partnership with FreshBed.


FreshBed is excited to help you to attract new guests, and have happier, loyal guests.

To learn more about a partnership with FreshBed and the business case for your hotel, please email us.

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