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Head of Product Engineering

22 April 2022



Baarn , Netherlands

Job Title
Head of Product Engineering
Office time
Job Type
Full Time
15 October, 2022

Company Description

FreshBed’s founder and inventor, Barry van Doornewaard, comes from a Dutch family with over 101 years of experience in the luxury bedding industry. With extensive knowledge in developing, creating, and selling high-end sleep systems - there is no other sleep system in the market that combines state-of-the-art technology and design for an optimal night’s sleep. FreshBed fuses its European heritage of luxury with sleep science to craft the perfect sleep experience. 


So what is FreshBed? 

It’s a complete Sleep System (mattress and base) that provides active airflow by means of a built-in fan, allowing the bed to cool down or heat up according to the user's preferences. But, it doesn’t stop just there. A FreshBed provides a fresh and clean air bubble for sleepers, night after night. Think of it like sleeping on a lounge chair, at the beach, with a cool and comfortable breeze surrounding you. It’s a unique sleep experience that allows consumers to regenerate, restore and remain fresh the whole night through. 



FreshBed is the first producer (worldwide) to have succeeded in developing a sustainable, actively air-conditioned, and noiseless sleeping system that optimally regulates humidity, ventilation, and temperature and thus can achieve a fresh and allergy-free sleeping climate with an ideal temperature and unparalleled hygiene.


Having been around for 10 years, our goal is to grow strongly in the coming year. Our hard work over the years has paid off and resulted in our state-of-the-art sleep system, the expansion of our collection, including types of mattresses and bedding, and we have accelerated our international rollout.

  • Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Product Development


Responsible for advising, implementing, developing, testing, and managing the product within FreshBed. Guarding the continuity and quality of the product development making the product and business objectives a reality in an efficient and scalable way.


Job Responsibilities

Key tasks:


  • End-to-end managing of the FreshBed product development process, frameworks, product development operations, and implementation within the set milestones. 
  • Developing and defining the product development roadmap with (future) product requirements and technological applications 
  • Verifying and proving applications meeting the quality assurance standards including verification and development of test methods
  • Initiating, formulating, and developing (feasible) innovation ideas for product optimizations (both hard- and software)
  • Is go-to-person for (international) product development (both in- and external)
  • Analyzing research results and periodically reporting within the MT on the progress within the product development and making suggestions for improvements for the product development strategy
  • Acting within the Product Development team as a cooperating foreman, providing guidance and leadership on their performance, process, and professional development. 
  • Obtaining necessary quality certifications, processes, and audits (UL/TUV/SGS) and advising within the MT on the impact of Product Development processes towards quality requirements
  • Selecting, instructing, and managing suppliers according to the FreshBed Product Development Frameworks and high-quality certification standards. 
  • Together with MT define projects and are eligible for innovation initiatives and WBSO subsidies. 



Skills and expertise:

  • You have a proven track record of at least 5 years in a similar senior position and solid knowledge of thermodynamics, unobtrusive sensors, climate systems, certification of products and materials research.
  • You have experience in working in a fast-past ScaleUp enviroment preferable within IoT and/or App Controlled hardware products.
  • You have experience and knowledge to find technical solutions for the needs of our customers and lead-by-example the development team to implement these technical solutions.
  • You take ownership of tasks and have the ability to independently take decisions. 
  • You have strong project management skills and experience using specific methods like IPMA/PRINCE2.
  • You are skilled to make practical suggestions for solving problems which can be acknowledged of, explained to and accepted by others.
  • You have a ‘can-do’ mentality, get energy from new challenges and like to ‘get things done’.
  • You are able continue to function effectively in stressful situations by smartly applying structure to time, space and priorities for yourself and your team to achieve the product roadmap objectives.
  • You can easily connect with people and ability to communicate effectively and are capable to present points of view in an emphatic and enthusiastic way to convince others.
  • You stimulate initiatives of your team to come with solutions and suggestions that contribute to the success of the company.
  • You train, coach and guide your team in order to exceed their performance and knowledge.
  • You like to take accountability for consistent and high-quality product development and delivery. 


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