Regulates temperature

The luxury of individually adjustable temperatures for comfort throughout the night

FreshBed, the sleeping system that immerses you in the pure luxury of constant temperature in bed. You determine the temperature yourself with the remote control. therefore, you will never feel too hot or too cold while sleeping.

Research has shown that the quality of our night’s sleep is largely determined by the temperature in bed. The ideal, thermo-neutral temperature in bed is between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius (80.6 to 87.8 degrees Fahrenheit). Within this range, the skin temperature does not increase or decrease. If the temperature rises above this area, the body will cool down by sweating. When that temperature falls below it, the body will produce heat by shivering.

If it is too warm under the duvet, the body heat cannot dissipate properly. On the other hand, if the temperature is too low, the body needs too much energy to maintain the optimal body temperature. After stress, temperature turns out to be the biggest ‘sleep-disruptor’. That is why FreshBed ensures a perfect microclimate under the covers.

Temperature is very personal and no two people have the same body temperature. As a result, they also prefer different sleeping temperatures. For example, that of women is usually slightly higher than that of men. So, we at FreshBed have equipped our double beds with a separate ventilation and temperature system. Individually adjustable for both, so that no one is too hot or too cold, regardless of the season.

Not only is that much more comfortable, but it has also been scientifically proven to lead to better and deeper sleep so you can get up fresh and mentally fit and perform better throughout the day.

Bed temperature control

* Bron: Roy Raymann, “Mild skin warming, a non-pharmological way to modulate sleep and vigilance”, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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