A Freshbed Fits To Every Interior


Exclusivity and Functionality

Freshbed IFO Design

The iconic FreshBed IFO fits in every interior and is very versatile: freestanding, trimmed, or luxuriously clad. It can even be applied to a box spring bed design.

Pure Design

The design version of FreshBed, “the face of FreshBed”, is called IFO.

The IFO is the translation of FreshBed’s innovative technology into a light and sensual design.

The sensitive balance of size and organic shapes gives the bed an attractive and clear appearance.

In this way it can be used in a wide range of different styles and interiors.

Beauty With Functionality

The FreshBed IFO is Dutch Design and is made by hand from high-quality and durable composite with an eye for detail.

The characteristic high-gloss appearance of the composite gives the bed an exclusive and clean character.

Rounded corners and legs prevent you from hurting toes or shins and make the bed friendly and practical to use.

The IFO is available in white and can be combined with standard or additional design legs.

Temperature Control:
better sleep

Air Purification:
clean And healthy

Active Airflow:
dry And fresh bed

Bed Base:

containing the innovative technology that makes sleeping on a FreshBed such a unique experience


supporting the body

Mattress topper:

contributing to optimal comfort

Heavenly Sleep In Pure Air

FreshBed Mattresses And Mattress Toppers

FreshBed mattresses are specifically designed for use in the FreshBed Sleep System, providing optimal airflow and temperature regulation.

The Swiss-made FreshBed mattress blends the highest quality premium comfort foams and 5-zones pocket spring technology in one mattress. A hybrid mattress offers a ‘best of both worlds’ type feel, where there is added support from the pocket coils and a comfortable, pressure point relieving surface. This helps you turn around while sleeping and makes your muscles and joints relax. The mattress cover is developed to optimize airflow.

Advantages Freshbed Mattress


Premium comfort levels


Excellent pressure relief


Optimal temperature regulation

The mattress’ firmness level is available in firm.

The mattress height is 12.5″ including the mattress topper.

By continuously conducting a temperature-controlled airflow through your Freshbed, your mattress remains clean and dry and dust mites have no chance.

This creates the perfect climate for the ideal night’s sleep!