A healthy night sleep


Ultimate Health

Sleep Should be One of the Main Pillars of your Health

Sleeping well is perhaps the most important pillar of your health. Many processes in your body are influenced by sleep. It is how your immune system hits the reset button every night, and toxic substances in your brain are removed. Your body cleans, repairs, and regenerates itself while you sleep. It strengthens the brains resistance and sharpens. Sleep has a direct proven link between illness, memory, happiness, and many other personal aspects that determine the quality of your life.

Freshbed At A Glance

Pure Health

  • Fall asleep quicker and enjoy deeper, uninterrupted longer sleep through constant temperature
  • Sleep in purified air: the built-in HEPA filter automagically removes more than 99,95% of allergens and pollutants from the air in the bedroom
  • Asthma and allergy-friendly

Delicate Luxury

  • Individually adjustable temperature control keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Ergonomic mattresses with pocket springs work to keep your body aligned harmoniously
  • Always enjoy the feeling of clean and crisp bed linen and a mattress as dry and new as it was delivered

Maximum Hygiene

  • Your body temperature is regulated while you are sleeping and as a result perspiration is prevented
  • Temperature control and noiseless active ventilation keeps relative humidity in bed well below 50%: your bed remains free of moisture, mould, bacteria, and house dust mite
  • The design version ensures bed bugs cannot climb up, CO₂ is dispersed upwards through subtle ventilation of HEPA filtered air, preventing bed bugs from detecting the body

A good night's sleep is simply priceless.

Wellness While You Sleep

A recipe for vitality

What is the secret to vitality? Sufficient exercise, healthy food, but above all a good and restorative night of sleep, every night. Research has shown that your body cleans, repairs and regenerates itself while you sleep, and that sleep has a direct and proven link to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. The benefits are endless, it improves your immunological resistance, memory, focus, body weight and even provides a younger appearance. That is FreshBed’s ode to you. We want to improve the quality of your sleep with the ideal sleep environment. So you can have a happier, healthier and more energetic life.

Sleep Faster, Deeper, and Longer


With FreshBed you can set your own ideal bed temperature and active airflow. You create your own customizable sleeping climate. Fall asleep earlier, sleep deeper, and longer, without interruptions and wake up feeling refreshed every morning


Clean, purified air contributes to your health and helps you relax. It can also prevent irritation of the respiratory tract, especially in people prone to these disturbances. Freshbed is equipped with a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter, that allows the air in and around the bed to be continuously and silently purified. The active airflow also repels dust mites and keeps your bed fresher and cleaner for longer.


Sleeping deeply and restoratively every night is an important condition for a healthy body. Restorative sleep also determines how energized you feel during the day, contributing to your overall sense of well-being. Freshbed lets you sleep better by eliminating any major sleep disruptors from your sleep environment.

Quality Sleep

Make each sleeping hour count

Most people that are not able to get enough sleep at night would see direct benefit from quality sleep that ensures every hour asleep contributes optimally to the recovery of one’s body and mind. But more than half of all individuals sleep poorly on a regular basis! And a quarter of those same individuals experience sleeping related problems due to allergic complaints. The result is that they wake up feeling tired and subsequently do not feel well throughout the day.

The causes of this are often found to be bedroom conditions, such as temperature, humidity, ventilation and air quality.

FreshBed was developed with this in mind. A worldwide unique sleep system that creates a sleep environment that quickly brings you to relax deeply. That allows your body the chance to recover. Think of it like an overnight wellness experience for your soul. While you sleep.

Temperature Control

Sleep faster, Deeper and longer

Sleep scientist Roy Raymann, Ph.D. discovered that the right and constant skin temperature can greatly improve deep sleep and minimize the chance of waking up at night. With FreshBed you control the temperature and create the ideal microclimate for you.

You will no longer wake up at night because it is too hot or cold. Tossing and turning will no longer be an issue.  Turning into your FreshBed is relaxing, allowing you to feel cut off from the outside world and fall asleep quickly, and deeply, without interruptions.

Active Airflow Technology

Lower humidity, cleaner and fresher bed

The effects of temperature control and active ventilation have the additional advantage that the relative humidity in the bed is kept at around 50%. FreshBed, therefore, remains free from moisture, mould, bacteria, and dust mites, which cannot thrive in low humidity.
Every morning, your bed will feel as fresh and bright as when it was delivered, and you will wake up feeling charged with positive energy.

Air Purification With HEPA Filter For Clean Air

Air purification is an essential condition for a good night’s sleep. Our medical-grade Hepa13 filter removes allergens from the air that can cause respiratory irritations. Mold spores, pollen, dust, bacteria, virus carriers, dander and pet hair are also filtered by more than 99.95%.
This filtering is silent and brings the purified air throughout the FreshBed mattress, and under your duvet. The result is total relaxation and unparalleled comfort while you sleep.