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18 February 2022

If we were to tell you about a magic treatment that makes you live longer, would you believe us? 

Not only, but this ‘treatment’ also enhances your creativity, and memory and lowers your risk of getting cancer, heart disease, and dementia. It can also make you more fit, attractive and happier. Is that not amazing? 


But just like time, all of these perks – money can’t buy. In fact, this ‘treatment’ is not for sale but is indeed within your reach. These are not the effects of a miracle cure, but rather the proven benefits of a full night’s sleep. 


Quality rest on a regular basis can improve all aspects of your health.  

So here are just a few reasons why you should give your body the ZZZs it needs. 


Sharper Memory 

When you’re running low on sleep, you’ll probably find trouble holding onto details. [Text Wrapping Break]That’s because sleep plays a big role in both learning and memory. And put briefly, without enough sleep, it’s tough to focus and take in new information.  

Memories formed while sleep-deprived are weaker, as they’re forgotten promptly in the following hours and days.    


When memorizing fact-based information (i.e. phone numbers, names or where you parked your car), a tiny part of your brain called the hippocampus gathers details together, acting as a temporary information store.  

Unfortunately, just like any data bank, it has a limited storage capacity. And once exceeded, you run the risk of not being able to add more information or worse, overwriting existing memories. [Text Wrapping Break]Luckily, during sleep, memories are transferred from the hippocampus to a long-term home within the brain cortex. [Text Wrapping Break]This way, yesterday’s experiences are archived and short-term storage capacity for new learning is replenished. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]Before learning, sleep refreshes our capacity to make new memories, it restores the brain’s capacity for learning and refreshes your ability to absorb new information.  

After learning, sleep protects newly acquired information. Consolidating the newly learned chunks of information and preventing them from fading away.  

Healthy sleep, healthier heart. 

Did you know that missing out on sleep increases your heart rate and your blood pressure?  

Older adults who sleep <6 hours a night are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, as compared to those sleeping 7-8 hours a night. This shows how essential it is to prioritize sleep as adults – which, unfortunately, due to family and professional circumstances, is often not the case.  

During deep sleep, the brain sends a calming signal to the fight-or-flight nervous system. As a result, it contrasts this physiological stress that increases the likelihood of developing heart conditions. Deep sleep is your natural remedy to keep blood pressure and heart rate under control.  



Think about the last time you had the flu. Terrible, wasn’t it? Aching bones, chills and sweats, stuffy nose, and that overwhelming fatigue. It’s likely you just wanted to lay in bed and sleep. That’s your body letting you know it needs to sleep itself well. As it should. 

Sleep and your immune system share an intricate connection, a delicate one. 


Sleep wards off infection and sickness by supplying your immune system with weaponry and protection. That’s why when you fall ill you want to sleep. Your body is demanding rest to fight off illnesses and get back to regular functioning.  

In the event of a viral attack, regular deep sleep contributes to generating a strong antibody reaction, reflecting a potent and healthy immune system. 



So regardless of the immunological condition you’re in, be it preparing for a vaccine shot to bolster your immunity or summoning your immune defenses to ward off a virus, sleep is essential.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break] 

Can power naps help? 

It seems clear, that sleep is essential for proper functioning as a whole, both for the mind and body.    We should all try our best to get at least 7 hours of deep ZZZs every night. [Text Wrapping Break]It sure may be difficult sometimes, life can get in the way. Work, family, hobbies, the list goes on. Sleep becomes an afterthought and if you don’t get enough, you build a sleep deficit. [Text Wrapping Break] 

Power naps help by giving sleepers a short burst of alertness and energy.  

Short bouts of sleep (20 minutes) can increase basic concentration, just like caffeine. [Text Wrapping Break]However, neither can replenish more sophisticated functions of the brain. Such as learning, emotional stability, and rational thinking.  


This is why FreshBed has been heavily invested in finding the perfect balance of elements. 

Bringing tradition and innovation together for the benefit of sleep. A bed with your ideal climate that will allow you to indulge in deep sleep. Improving brain, body, and immune system.