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FreshBed built-in version

Introducing the ‘Built-in’ version

16 November 2017

Imagine the benefits of improved sleep, purified air, optimal humidity, and the luxury of climate control under the duvet without compromising the aesthetic of the room that you worked so hard to design.

It’s now possible with the ‘Built-in’ version of FreshBed.

After many discussions with interior designers, we created a built-in bed system which is tailor-made to your specific bed dimensions and requirements.

Designers have been some of the most ardent fans of FreshBed, so we wanted a way that they could easily incorporate FreshBed into their designs and give their rooms the added wellness value of a FreshBed without competing with their discerning aesthetic.

Studies show that discerning guests look for beautiful design as well as an extraordinary sleep experience when choosing a hotel, and this is a way to give them both.

Adding FreshBed technology without compromising design

With a bed base of 7 mm thick, the Built-In FreshBed is the most versatile model, design-wise- it fits into any existing bedframe.  It only requires a height of 210 mm so that the centre of the FreshBed, where the powerful technology is housed, can extract air from the room for purification.

Next to our original design bed, which can also be fitted your own bed valence, this is the simplest way to enjoy the benefits of a FreshBed without changing the design of your room.

Not sure how it would work in your design?

Check out this time-lapse of when we recently installed a Built-In FreshBed at a 5-star design hotel in Amsterdam:

As you can see, the change in the room cannot be seen with the naked eye, but the powerful new FreshBed technology – namely temperature control, silent air purification, and humidity control – will certainly be felt with the eyes closed. Your guests will feel the difference, even in the dark while they sleep.

If your aim is to deliver a unique guest experience and give your guests the very best sleep possible, FreshBed can help you make all the difference.